Monday, September 23, 2013

Pegaso Z-102

I saw this car on Loudpop, couldn't believe the short wheelbase, and just had to find out more. The origin of the Pegaso Z-102 was a surprise as well - Spain. I never knew they had a car manufacturer??

The Pegaso were well advanced for their time and full of racing technology due to the Chief Engineers, Wilfredo Ricart, history and rivalry with Enzo Ferrari. The highest spec cars ran a 360hp, supercharged, double overhead cam V8. Amazing power. Although not the best handling car for competition Pegaso claimed several speed records one of which was 243.079km/h (151.042mp/h) Flying Start Kilometer.

Due to high, that is cost no object, production costs only 86 were made between 1951 and 1958. A real shame because these were fantastic, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari beating cars. Search "Pegaso Z-102" to find out more and check out some excellent shots of the different cars. Beautiful!