Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bugatti Head of Design's Personal 911 Project on DRIVEN

I know this video is everywhere but, it's just too cool not too post as inspiration for whatever you might be building. Early 911's are cool. When I think of Porsche I think 911. Upright headlights and the slope of the rear of the car. This car is doable. Maybe the kevlar panels are not in everyones price range but the idea is sound and Porsches are getting cheaper. Or maybe choose another make you like and do something similar. Either way it would end up being cool and driven.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Classic BRE Datsun vs Alfa duel

I love Datsun 510's and I'm sure I have written before about my 13B powered 1600SS before. Watching this classic video and brought back some memories about why I like them so much. The film itself is very cool. From the beginning where John Morton heads off to work, to the smoking of cigarettes before the race, to the soothing tones of the narrator. This is well worth watching.