Sunday, May 2, 2010

1964 Aguzzoli Condor

Love it when I find cool one-off cars. Not a lot is known about the Aguzzoli. Sources say it was built on a Alfa Romeo Guilia TZ chassis and powered by a Giuletta 1300 SZ engine with a Citroen DS19 gearbox. Very European but it proved to be flawed and a 1600 twin plug motor with a Hewland transaxle was fitted.

What is definite though is that the car was commissioned by wealthy salami traders Giovanni and Sergio Aguzzoli, the body was designed by Franco Reggiani, and built by Piero Drogo.

An amazing car that was short lived due to Alfa Romeo not supporting it. Sounds a bit like the DKW not being supported by Audi.

Lots of pics at

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