Monday, May 24, 2010

1951 Buick XP-300

Concept cars from the 50's are always beautiful. Especially if they are a Harley Earl creation. The XP-300 was the sister car to the Le Sabre and shared the same 300hp Supercharged V8, lightweight aluminum panels and double shoe drum brakes. See more great pics of the XP-300 here.


  1. All the Harley Earl's creations look like the sort of cars
    Flash Gordon would drive . . . .
    The man had a vision.

  2. strange.... the front grill and headlamps looks borrowed from a 55' Kaiser Manhattan.I am wrong ?

  3. Yes, they do look like something Flash Gordon would drive on his day off and Harley certainly had vision.


    You're right the headlamps and grill do look like they are from the '55 Kaiser Manhattan.

    From what I understand the styling from these early concepts were carried over to many cars for years afterwards. So it wouldn't surprise me that someone like Kaiser 'borrowed' styling cues from this 1951 Concept. It was certainly ahead of its time.