Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1976 Toyota Corolla Coupe

1976 Toyota Corolla Coupe
Old school Toyota Corolla's are very cool. Love the green paint and the tan interior of this one. Not the hardest wearing of vinyl used but these cars do some amazingly high miles in their lifetime and so the interiors cop a lot of abuse.

In 1976 the Corolla's were two years into a new face lift that had made them rounder and of course bigger and heavier. However these are the last of the light Corolla's before they got square and really heavy. They also got safer of course. But safer generally means slower.

There are a lot of these rolling around and I think they are a great investment. Upgrade the motor to a 4AGE, put in some decent suspension, update the brakes to a later model, maybe add some wheels and you have yourself a sweet daily ride. Although you might want to keep the 2T especially if is a 2T-G as they had 124hp. Not bad power in a car this light with RWD. Beautiful motoring on a budget you can't go past a Corolla Coupe.

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