Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ferrari 250 TR

This photo shows perfectly what beautiful motoring is. Stripped bare the Ferrari is maybe more beautiful than painted. The body is a work of art. The roll cage and the air intake gives you an inkling of power that will be hidden away when the car is completed.

The 250 TR was a very successful race car for Ferrari. The TR stands for Testa Rossa (Red head for the valve covers) and it is a name that has been put on only a few Ferrari's. All of which are outstanding.

Powered by a small, deceptively powerful 3.0 litre V12 the lightweight 250's were very fast. The motor alone weighed hundreds of pounds less than it's main competitors like the XK Jaguars and made 276hp. The most powerful thing about 250's though is how much they go for at auction. You won't get a lot of change from US$8 million if you buy one. One even went for just over US$12 million in May 2009.

If I owned this car I would be keen to leave the body bare for awhile, drive it on the odd occasion and have it as beautiful art in my garage.

P.S. Sorry I haven't been updating the blog as much as usual. Normal service resumes this week.

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