Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1980 Alfa Romeo GTV

I remember someone I knew having one of these. I'm certain it was a female and it was always breaking down with electrical faults. But when it went, it was great. Handled well and sounded so cool and different to the usual Japanese cars we all drove.

Styling by Giugiaro makes the GTV a beautiful looking car and it's excellent handling and great motor mean it's still a cool car today. The one above is a 1980 Alfetta 2000 GTV and this is the shape I remember.

There is a link to the previous Alfa 159 I posted directly to the 1980 GTV. The drivetrain configuration used in the GTV was first used in the 159 F1 car almost 30 years before. The gearbox, clutch, and differential are at the back to maximize weight distribution and this was the main reason the GTV handled so well. Rear suspension was a de Dion beam and the front was double wishbones and torsion bars. Very advanced even today. A beautiful car with a lot of attention to styling, power and handling that still rates today.


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