Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1965 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT

1965 Shelby Cobra GT Mustang

This is the Mustang I want to own. Same colours and wheels and if I can't get a real one, they are getting more expensive by the year, I will have to build a replica.

The GT350 is as pure a sports car as any British or German etc one. No frills, light weight, good handling (for the time) and lots of grunt. Plus it just looks beautiful.

Carroll Shelby did a wonderful job on these cars and in a recent interview with Jay Leno, watch the video here, he said that the '65 was the best for racing and that after '68 Mustangs were just road cars. Two heavy, too much stuff. Love the fact the GT350 was named by Shelby after weeks of to-ing and fro-ing with executives from Ford. He was in a meeting with them and he asked an employee to walk over the road to his other factory to see how far it was. He came an said it was 348 steps. Shelby said, "Fine we will call it the GT350. You can fly back to Detroit now."

Best Carroll Shelby quote; "A car makes a name. A name doesn't make a car." Brilliant!


  1. excellent and beautiful muscle cars would love to own one, but that dont make it a sports car

  2. ...except it's not a muscle car either. It's a pony car. Which, at the end of the day, is closer in formula to a sports car than a muscle car.

  3. Although Shelbys are nicer than the stock Mustangs, they are overrated. If you want a Mustang with REAL muscle, go with a Boss 429.

  4. 429?!!? only someone w/o knowledge of the 427 (or even 428) would tout the 429 as any kind of serious engine.

  5. I owned a '68 GT500KR (pic at: and It was fast , 142 MPH per the Indiana State Police, it handled well enough to win the one Autocross I ran in it.

    But sports car? No. It was a fast touring car and fun to drive on the back roads now and then. But comfort and ease were the focus, as it should be in a GT car.

    1. That is a very cool car slrman.