Monday, March 29, 2010

1959 Ford Levacar

1959 Ford Levacar

Roaming through the interweb I saw a pic of the Ford Levacar and had to find out more. There wasn't a huge amount written about it but I did find some interesting info. Hopefully someone will know more.

The Levacar Mach 1 was unveiled in the Ford Rotunda at Ford HQ in 1959 and was a full size prototype. Which meant a person could sit in it but not much more. With an eye on the Jetsons the Levacar was designed as a one man flying car and was meant to be able to do 200mph. Some sites said 500mph but I think 200mph is nearer the speed it was designed for.

At the rotunda the Levacar levitated several inches off the ground powered by air jets tethered to the stand like a tether car. Ford planned to power the Levacar with a turbojet so maybe 500mph wasn't that far off for personal transport. Great thinking though and beautiful design.

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