Sunday, February 7, 2010

1973 Nsu Trapeze

The beautiful NSU Trapeze looks like a car from Logan's Run. Gregory Harrison or Michael Yorke would have looked pretty cool behind the wheel with their heroines.

Designed by Bertone the Trapeze was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and was interesting because it was designed around the centrally mounted NSU RO80 motor. This made the seating arrangement quite different to a standard layout because the rear seats were behind and to the side of the front seats. Meant to give better passive safety for the driver and better visibility for the passengers the staggered layout gave the car its name, Trapeze.

The Trapeze contributed quite a bit to automotive safety with the bumper that runs around the whole car being used by other manufacturers. NSU is still spiritually in business today after being taken over by Volkswagen and merged with Auto Union into Audi. Imagine a rotary powered Audi .... cool.
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