Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1947 Cisitalia 202 Spider Nuvolari

The best thing about having this website is indulging my passion for the motorcar and finding beautiful cars I have never heard of. The Cisitalia is one of those cars and the 1947 202 Spider Nuvolari is a sight to behold. Cisitalia was an Italian motorcar company owned by Piero Dusio and they provided the chassis that Pininfarina using the famous Fiat 1100 motor. The motors however were highly worked with high compression pistons, forged connecting rods, billet crankshaft, dry sumped and developed between 55hp and 65hp. Pretty good for a very light car and if you went for the Mille Miglia package you could get even more horsepower with a 9.8:1 compression ratio.

It is interesting to note that todays cars are up in the 10's and 11's to 1 compression ratio's but the technology to make it all hold together came from cars like this. Also the Cisitalia ran a gear driven fan and water pump for reliability - no broken fan belts - and the body shape was the forerunner to real aerodynamic cars. When you remember this car was built in 1947, amazing. Another great example of beautiful motoring.

Great selection of pics here at Cisitalia info here.

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