Saturday, December 19, 2009

1967 Ferrari 330 GTC Zagato

Not exactly how you would picture a Ferrari is it. The 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC 'Zagato' is a one-off Ferrarri 330 GTC built by Italian coachbuilder Zagato (read about them here or and was built for Ferrari America.

I prefer the original 330 GTC with Pininfarina bodywork (great shots here) but looking at the car it was ahead of it's time and you can see styling cues that were picked up by other car manufacturers in the 70's. Probably not the nicer styling cues though. Just things like the headlight covers and sharp rake on the nose.

By all accounts this is a beautiful car to drive and if you want to own a one-off Ferrari look for it the next time it comes up for sale. You wouldn't be disappointed.

Photo from and read the story of this car and see some more beautiful shots here.

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