Sunday, November 15, 2009

Willys Coupe

I really like Willys Coupes and have done since I saw a hot rodded one in a movie about 20 years ago. In fact if someone can tell me the movie the car was in I would appreciate it. I'm pretty sure it was the same one that had a Top Fuel Funny car in it driving through city streets.

During my search for a photo this is the only cool image of a Willys that hadn't been modified in any way. They are so popular there don't seem to be that many left that haven't been touched in some way. Even the one above has a fibreglass bootlid and was for sale for US$22,500. You could own it here.

A beautiful car in it's day that is even more so today with it's timeless shape.


  1. i think the movie you are talking about is "hot rod" aka rebel of the road . i think you can get it on dvd , with a little searching on them internets . it had a guy in black plymouth , he crashes it , junkyard owner gives him willys to put hemi in it ? ed begley jr and grant goodeve(oldest son from eight is enough) think movie was made in 79' or 80'

  2. That's the one! Thank you. I googled 'hot rod ed begley jr' and found it. Awesome. I knew someone out there would know the one I meant.