Monday, November 9, 2009

Astra Coupe by Jay Everett

This simply beautiful car was built by Jay Everett in 1952 and was a car so far ahead of its time in the Hot Rodding world it created a new class.

It has a tube frame by Paul Koonz, amazing aluminum body panels fabricated with an English Wheel by Jack Sutton and Dennis Power, that were screwed onto the frame and then gas welded. There is some contention over claims the body and interior were revised by the Barris brothers in 1955 with some saying they just painted it blue. If you Google 1959 Astra Coupe you will find more information on it. The best story I have found was on the Rod and Custom website. Read that here.

Whatever the true story this is a fantastic car and if you're in the market it's for sale. Beautiful custom that will still look futuristic in 50 years.

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