Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In another life I worked for a sign writing company as a spray painter and had to paint a MGB GT burnt orange. Only ever having painted a few cars before I took my time and it turned out great. Then for the test drive. I remember it being noisy and a lot of fun. There was a big smile on my face. Great little car.

Looking for some more info I discovered that the hatchback body was designed by Pininfarina and it even had a song written about it: 'MGB GT' by Richard Thompson. Cool. Not many cars have their own song.


  1. The Italian Design Houses had a huge influence on the British Motor Industry after WWII
    which was really good as very few had good inhouse teams and using the cash-strapped Italians
    provided real competition : Micholetti, Pinin Farina, Ghia, Bertone - even the names sound great
    and exciting don't they ?
    Hey, having " there own song " would not have been half the fun of having " their own song "
    Was it to early in the morning Mr. Wordsmith ?


  2. I've discovered they really did have a huge impact and it was a bit late when I wrote that.

    Thanks for picking it up I have changed it.


  3. They were and still are a great looking car and in 1966 could run rings around the average Vauxhall Victor. But today..... You'd need to be keen.

    I had a 72 MG Midget - and that was bare-bones driving - dropped oil, rattled, leaked (some good sideways fun in the wet tho') . But today..... You'd need to be keen.