Monday, October 5, 2009

EF Honda Civic

I love Honda Civic's. In fact I have owned six of them and my favourite body shape is this one, the EF. The 4th Generation Civic was built from 1987 until 1991and the top model had a B16A VTEC motor. The B16A plus independent suspension in all four corners turned the mild mannered Civic into a giant killer. Honda's really helped start the Import Car and Drag racing scene and you will see them at almost every Autocross event you go to.

Even with just the 1600 twin cam these are a great car. I had one that 15.0 sec flat 1/4 miles with mild modifications - paddle clutch, headers, exhaust, chip and air filter plus it was lowered. At the time that meant if you had an HSV you better watch out because I would be making you look pretty silly if you decided to be a hero at the lights.

Awesome car and I look forward to owning another one hopefully sooner rather than later.

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