Friday, September 11, 2009

Rob's 160J SSS

After reading about the 1600SSS reader Rob Treacher sent me a photo of his Datsun Violet 160J SSS. This is a classic 80's photo of an awesome car. Love the 13" Trident's, and the Bridgestone's, and the colour. Beautiful, original car.

If you have a good photo of a beautiful car that was in your life, feel free to email it to me so I can include it on the site.


  1. This car was imported from Japan fully assembled in 1973-74 by the local Hawkes Bay Datsun dealer. It was one of the first Japanses cars I remember driving with a 5 speed gearbox that beeped when reverse was selected ( I actually had that disabled). From memory, the car was good for 115 mph on a good day.

  2. The dreaded Jap import reverse beep. Classic. Thanks for the extra info Rob.