Friday, August 28, 2009

Hillman Superminx Estate

When I was a teenager a mate of mine had a red and white Superminx Estate. A great car for loading up and going to the beach. It served him well for a very long time. In fact I think it lasted without any damage which was quite amazing with where it was taken.

I liked all the chrome and the simplicity of it. We could fix it if it stopped. You definitely couldn't do that with today's cars. I feel there is something great about fixing your car or even being able to change a tire or the oil. Getting your kids into a nice simple car instead of a death rocket will achieve several things;

1. They can't go fast enough to kill themselves. Yes I agree it might still happen but not at 200km/h.
2. They get to appreciate cars and treat them as luxury not as a right.
3. They can learn simple car maintenance that will help them be more hands on when they are older and pass the same to their kids.
4. They learn to handle a car better because they have to actually 'drive' it.

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