Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Datsun 1600 SSS

One of my favourite cars was my 1971 Datsun 1600 SS. It was built in September of 71, two months before I was born. Interesting I remember that fact.

I painted mine yellow, put some nice wheels on it, lowered it, redid the interior in black with Racepro seats, and then put a 13B tall port in it with a Weber 48IDA on a high rise manifold on it. If I ever find pics of my car I will put them up. With a locked diff and almost straight through exhaust it was noisy, loud, obnoxious and a lot of fun. I sold it before I got in too much trouble.

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  1. A 1600 SSS with a 13B with all the gear. Shit that must have been a very ace car.

    When they were new, they were very cool. Well built, nice and fast and virtually indestructable. Still a beautiful car to look at.
    I owned a later model, 74 Datsun Violet 160J SSS. That car was more comfortable and a very beautiful Japanese car for it's time - but it didn't possess the racing car characteristics of the earlier model.

  2. I really liked the 160J SSS. My brother had a very nice one with a bigger motor and carbs that were a pain to tune. Went great when it was on form though. I will have to find a good pic of one.