Sunday, August 9, 2009

1966 Toyota Corona RT-40

When I got my license at 15 this is almost the car I got given by my parents. Mine was a 1970 but I couldn't find a good image of one. The RT-40 was able to do the first Toyota to be publicly tested and sell over 10,000 units in the US.

I loved this car and when it got written off by an idiot crashing into the side of me 100 metres from home I was very upset. One day I am going to find another one and make the drive out to Piha like mine did many, many times without a hassle, 4 guys and 4 surfboards on the roof.

Hat tip: Japanese Nostalgic Car


  1. I have this car in my garage. 1968 Toyota Corona RT-40. Same colour as well... but is in need of restoration!

  2. That's a very cool car to have in the garage Duncan. Hope you can restore it some day.